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The sitesprout digital workspace features a wide variety of modules built on the SharePoint platform to help your company achieve a high level of efficiency.

Get your work done faster by centralizing all your employee records and by automating time sensitive forms.

Empower employees to seek their own answers to benefit questions by providing access to current information or links to providers.

The SiteSprout Candidate Management workspace secures candidate information while still providing fast electronic routing, feedback, and approvals.

Store sales scripts, cost sheets, NDAs, contracts, agreements and other critical sales materials so everyone is working on the same page. 

All of the materials you need to promote your company's image, stored in one location for easy access by those who use them to perform their job function.​

Allow secure, easy, remote external access by your customer to their project deliverables in SiteSprout. Watch customer satisfaction soar!

Reduce unnecessary costs and use IT support personnel time wisely. Take control of your hardware and software inventory.

Comply with regulatory requirements by categorizing and storing all financial documents in one location and using history trails.

Reduce storage costs and virtually eliminate document loss by providing a central repository for documents.

Ensure everyone in your company is on the same page with who you are, what you stand for, and where you are headed.

Take advantage of focused SharePoint training in one location.

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