Company XYZ needs to create disaster recovery documents. The PM managing the project must assign tasks to the authors who are writing the documents, communicate the requirements, and provide deadlines and milestones to complete their assigned tasks. The PM wants to use...

Previously, we discussed the advantages a business gains by adopting an Office 365 digital workspace. Yet despite the clear value, adopting a digital workspace can be intimidating. Limited budgets (especially for small or non-profit firms), limited resources, heavy wor...

Information Architecture is critical to SharePoint’s success. SharePoint problems are rarely technology related. Without the proper time and effort dedicated to IA, SharePoint will fail to deliver its full potential to streamline your business and provide a return on i...

SharePoint is included with many Office 365 plans, which leads companies using Office 365 to try to leverage it for their business. Implementing SharePoint into your business can be difficult, but with the right strategy and resources, it can benefit everyone in your o...

In terms of end results, the difference between a proper SharePoint adoption and a misguided one is tremendous. A good implementation drastically reduces costs, eliminates workflow headaches and improves productivity. A bad implementation wastes time and resources, and...

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