Could SharePoint do more for you behind the scenes?

As we discussed last month, SharePoint is here for the long haul. If your organization relies on it to facilitate employee duties, this is great news.  Microsoft continues to improve the platform’s deep integration wit...

When Office 365’s toolbox is used to maintain content, streamline collaboration, and protect information, its value speaks for itself. An Office 365 Digital Workspace speeds up the process by snapping most pieces of the puzzle into place; all you need to provide are yo...

Not all cloud storage tools are created equal. Here’s a breakdown of the top three tools and how they stand up as practical business solutions based on their abilities to manage documents, integrate with devices, and support collaboration.

On the surface, a SharePoint library and a OneDrive library may seem strikingly similar. They're both cloud-based tools for storing content, their user interfaces look alike, they're both part of the Office 365 suite, and they can both be synced to your hard drive via...

Since the introduction of file shares, we have become creatures of habit. We create folders, sub-folders, sub-sub-folders, sub-sub-sub-folders, and store all of our project documents in these folders—meeting notes, requirements documents, test procedures, customer inte...

Names identify, categorize, define. A single name such as Aristotle or Napoleon reminds us of stories from history books. Using the word requirement or notes in a file name leaves no second guessing the type of information stored in that file.

For years, best practice i...

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