When Office 365’s toolbox is used to maintain content, streamline collaboration, and protect information, its value speaks for itself. An Office 365 Digital Workspace speeds up the process by snapping most pieces of the puzzle into place; all you need to provide are yo...

Clearbox Consulting, an independent specialist firm based out of the United Kingdom, recently published a review of 26 SharePoint Intranet In A Box products. They based their review on a range of criteria, including how well the products can provide usage stats, how we...

Not all cloud storage tools are created equal. Here’s a breakdown of the top three tools and how they stand up as practical business solutions based on their abilities to manage documents, integrate with devices, and support collaboration.

Information Architecture is critical to SharePoint’s success. SharePoint problems are rarely technology related. Without the proper time and effort dedicated to IA, SharePoint will fail to deliver its full potential to streamline your business and provide a return on i...

SharePoint is included with many Office 365 plans, which leads companies using Office 365 to try to leverage it for their business. Implementing SharePoint into your business can be difficult, but with the right strategy and resources, it can benefit everyone in your o...

Lots of businesses have already invested in Office 365 or are considering the move — without having any idea that SharePoint comes with the package or how to leverage it for the business.

This isn't the customers' fault. Microsoft doesn't do the best job of positioning...

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