Content Services, Part II: Saving the Day, One Implementation at a Time

In Part I of this series, we examined the concept of Content Services, which are business technology services that work together and share repositories to enhance the flow of information. More specifically, we investigated why the concept matters, how content services evolved from enterprise content management, and how it relates to digital workspaces. However, to truly understand the business impact of content services, we must examine content services as implemented by actual businesses.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss a pair of i-Squared clients who enjoyed a considerable uptick in productivity and collaboration after working with us to implement the content services provided by Office 365 into their workplace. We’ll look at the issues with their existing ECM implementation, and how Office 365 helped them eliminate bottlenecks and optimize their bottom line.

Client 1: Home Restoration Firm

The emergency home restoration firm had been burdened by using a combination of IT solutions. Various Microsoft Office versions were used by staff, causing confusion and incompatibilities. They disliked their web host’s email service user interface, so emails were forwarded to unsecured, personal Gmail accounts with mismatched addresses. Files were spread across computers, external hard drives, and an antiquated server that was managed by an external resource. When their server suffered a ransomware attack a considerable amount of data was lost, and there was no consensus on where the most recent versions of their remaining documents were stored.

The company worked with i-Squared to adopt Office 365, providing perfect solutions for their vulnerabilities and bottlenecks. All users were licensed for Office 2016, optimizing their toolset and providing consistency. They redirected their mail traffic from their web host to Office 365, which utilizes Outlook for email access, allowing them to leave their mismatched and misused Gmail accounts behind. Most importantly, their files were migrated from their server to SharePoint Online, which provided the security enhancements of the Microsoft Cloud, eliminated the costs to maintain their server, and simplified their process for accessing and editing documents.

Client 2: Professional Services Firm

A professional services firm had all the headaches and limitations that come with a more traditional enterprise content management system. The environment was complicated to manage, and costs exceeded $5,000 annually. Employees could remotely access their work, but only through use of an unreliable VPN. The company was soon instituting a work-at-home policy, and customer projects were taking employees offsite more frequently, so there was a growing need for remote access.

The company adopted SiteSprout, a digital workspace i-Squared built on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. This solution gave them the advantages of Exchange Online for email and SharePoint Online for storing business critical files. Skype for Business provided instant messaging, webinar capabilities, and VoIP for calling remote employees, ensuring their work-at-home policy would be well augmented.

SiteSprout jumpstarted this firm’s intranet development and revolutionized the way they stored, accessed, and understood their informational assets. Using Office 365 saved them $5000 in the first year alone by cutting out the costs of a vendor to manage their environment, server equipment, and the software needed for a traditional ECM. They were also able to achieve their goal to provide their employees with a work-at-home policy, allowing them to quickly and easily access their work from anywhere at any time.

Ready to Adopt a Content Service of Your Own? We’re Here to Help! i-Squared has plenty of experience preparing Office 365 to support a variety of industry needs. We’re proud to offer SiteSprout, our digital workspace designed to make the most of Office 365’s content service features. If our product doesn’t suit your needs, we’re also fully capable of building an entirely new solution to help augment your business with Office 365. Get in touch and we’ll work together to find the right path for you.

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