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November 20, 2017

Office 365 is packed with useful tools from the classic Word, Excel, and Outlook to the more advanced Power BI, SharePoint, and Flow. Whether you’re developing sale presentations, aggregating data for live dashboards, or reviewing your employee’s response to an RFP before sending it, Office 365 has something to offer someone in virtually any role of any industry.


The value of Office 365 is greater than the sum of its parts. Harnessing the full potential of those parts requires knowing how they are used together. The technology supports communication and collaboration, and provides employees with a place they can work smart, efficiently, and harmoniously.


Unlock the Full Potential of Classic Office Tools

Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are as familiar as they are useful. As part of Office 365, they’re more powerful than ever. The desktop versions of these Office apps can be used to produce, retrieve, and edit files stored in Office 365’s cloud storage areas.


Away from the office and need to edit a file? The browser-based Office Online apps allow users to view and edit files in a pinch when traditional desktop apps are not available. No access to a computer at all? Fast, capable mobile apps are available on every major smartphone and tablet platform. With an Office 365 subscription, the latest versions of these tools are always available for all users, thereby enhancing productivity and removing the issue of file version incompatibility.


Protect and Develop Your Content from Draft to Delivery

Whether you’re drafting new documents from scratch or completing a fillable form, an Office 365 Digital Workspace is a great tool for managing files. Your company’s form templates can be uploaded to the workspace once, and reused infinitely. Any type of content can be quickly generated, completed, and saved in a secure cloud location.


When your content is created and developed in your department’s cloud storage area, you always know where the latest version of any file is. Employees in control of files will be able to designate who can view them, who can edit them, and who will be unable to see them all together.


When developing content requires review for approval, Office 365 is equipped to manage that process. Rather than juggling email attachments, automated workflows can distribute a direct hyperlink to the file under review. If the reviewer does not evaluate the file in a timely fashion, your digital workspace can send them reminder emails, so you won’t be stuck nagging anyone to step up to the plate. The approver need only click the link, review the document, and mark it approved.


Manage Content Intelligently

An Office 365 Digital Workspace makes content smart and assists you in managing it. Trending information is kept on display, while legacy data is hidden from those who don’t need to see it. Documents know when they expire, and store themselves in an archive when the time comes. With Office 365 leaving only the most up-to-date information available to your employees, the accuracy of the work they produce is ensured, and they’re saved the trouble of auditing it themselves.


While information is active and visible, Office 365 can organize it logically. Documents can be sorted, grouped, or filtered by any categories your employees find helpful. As these files develop, their previous iterations are retained, allowing for a restoration if changes to a file’s content was erroneous. A full record of who edited content and when is also retained without any user effort. Simply put, an Office 365 Digital Workspace makes it easy to find relevant content and track its development, while eliminating the risk of using out of date information.


Modern Technology that Supports Collaboration

Collaboration is a key link between profitability, staff efficiency, and regulatory compliance. When employees collaborate in an Office 365 Digital Workspace, it’s easy to work as a team whether they are co-located or live in different countries. Every Office 365 tool is fully optimized for supporting the people in your organization in their efforts to work in sync and complete their tasks together.


The Outlook email application needs no introduction, and the Office Online and mobile Outlook apps are equipped with most features seen in their desktop big brother. Skype for Business provides text, voice, and video chat, as well as screen and presenter sharing. Delve lays out people’s skills, certifications, and achievements so project managers can build the best teams. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint support multiple users editing the same file. SharePoint provides an organized workspace for content to be stored securely. The result is an environment with resources to help employees work more efficiently.


Need Help Getting Started? That’s Why We’re Here.

When Office 365’s toolbox is used to maintain content, streamline collaboration, and protect information, its value speaks for itself. An Office 365 Digital Workspace speeds up the process by snapping most pieces of the puzzle into place; all you need to provide are your company, your goals, and your team.


i-Squared is proud to offer SiteSprout™, an Office 365 Digital Workspace that helps your information think for itself, so your employees can focus on the work that matters most. With a quick and easy implementation process, modules for every department, and compatibility with any Internet device, SiteSprout is the quickest and most cost-effective way to empower your employees and get ahead of your competition with Office 365’s powerful toolbox. See for yourself by watching our video, then request a demo today. We’ll work together to find the right path for you. 



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