SharePoint "Intranet In A Box" Products: Why Do We Need Them?

Clearbox Consulting, an independent specialist firm based out of the United Kingdom, recently published a review of 26 SharePoint Intranet In A Box products. They based their review on a range of criteria, including how well the products can provide usage stats, how well they support mobile access and touch controls, and what "wildcard" features set them apart from the competition.

While the 26 products reviewed received various amounts of complements and criticism from Clearbox, the firm commended them all for attempting to address the weaknesses of SharePoint that have been dubiously unaddressed by Microsoft:

"However, Microsoft still seems to have something of a blind spot when it comes to corporate intranets. Much of what is offered still focuses on small group collaboration, such as team sites and Office 0365 Groups, but falls short when it comes to publishing and web content management. Given the prevalence of SharePoint in the intranet space and the dominance of internal communications functions as intranet owners within organizations, this situation is mildly baffling."

Click this link to view a free sample of ClearBox's review of 26 Intranet In A Box products for SharePoint.

Click this link to learn more about SiteSprout, i-Squared's own Intranet In A Box product for SharePoint, which has been built to address every key criterion used by Clearbox to rate it's competition.

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