Three Ways to Win with SharePoint

SharePoint is included with many Office 365 plans, which leads companies using Office 365 to try to leverage it for their business. Implementing SharePoint into your business can be difficult, but with the right strategy and resources, it can benefit everyone in your organization. Here are our top three ways to ensure your SharePoint implementation hits the mark.
#3 Involve Employees

Using SharePoint may change the way employees perform their everyday tasks. If the change is drastic, it is natural that employees may resist the changes involved. Avoid this by teaching them about SharePoint, and why the company wants to use it. Once employees understand SharePoint and its benefits, the initial learning curve for using it won’t be so steep, and they will be more able and willing to adopt the new platform.

As SharePoint is considered for a department, encourage your staff to participate in discussions related to the activities undertaken by that department. If they are involved in the process, they’ll see SharePoint’s potential to make a positive impact on their jobs. They will also have a chance to give their opinion on how any company practices they’re involved with could be improved, which leads to the development of a SharePoint implementation that streamlines those practices.

Training employees on the use of SharePoint and involving them in the SharePoint planning process not only results in a site that better serves its users, it also frames the changes that SharePoint will bring to the organization as something employees can look forward to.

#2: Get Executive Buy In

Strong SharePoint implementations benefit from deep involvement from top-level executives. An executive’s job is to support the company’s primary goals and objectives, which makes their input in the planning process vital to the project’s success. Executive direction ensures that SharePoint will aid the company and become an invaluable piece of the puzzle.

Even if a SharePoint implementation is driven by an executive’s involvement throughout the planning phase, their job is never done. Executives must set an example by using the finished product consistently, to normalize SharePoint and demonstrate its importance to their staff. As executives use the best practices for working in SharePoint, employees will follow their lead, ensuring the site’s long term viability.

#1: Build a Strategy Successful SharePoint implementations are the result of strategies built around a company’s business drivers. Once you identify the key drivers of your company, you can then discuss how SharePoint will augment them. With a strategy focused on the important details, SharePoint is more likely to bring success and provide a solid ROI.

For example, if being an industry innovator is important to your organization, then the implementation committee must come to a consensus on how SharePoint will facilitate innovation. This can be through the software’s ability to enhance collaboration, share new ideas, and have employees vote for the best idea. Having these details ironed out in the strategy phase of the project ensures the site is built around the drivers that are valued most by your company.

For one of our clients, the driver was growth through acquisition. So a site was created to not only manage all of the due diligence documents shared among the parties, but also to track critical payments dates to eliminate penalties. The Chief Legal Counsel eliminated most of the stacks of folders and paper in his office and was better able to manage all the activity in one place.

Unsure how to pursue a solid implementation strategy? Consider adapting an existing SharePoint framework product to your company’s practices. i-Squared’s SiteSprout™ framework includes predefined modules built for every critical business function. It also saves hours and dollars compared to starting from scratch.

Need Experts? When a company approaches SharePoint with a solid strategy that involves executives, employees, and experts, SharePoint provides streamlined business processes and a strong ROI. If your company needs the expertise to complete this recipe for success, drop us a line, and the i-Squared team will work with you to implement the SharePoint your company never knew it needed.

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