Getting Started

sitesprout requires Microsoft SharePoint- either Online or On-Prem.

Don't have SharePoint yet? No problem!


Running SharePoint in the cloud using Office 365 is one way to go, or install SiteSprout on-premise if you are already running SharePoint.

This first step evaluates your SharePoint Capabilities and sets the stage for the activities to come. If you don't have SharePoint, our resellers will help you establish an Office 365 account that meets your company's needs.


With SharePoint in place, our Resellers install and configure the sitesproutmodules to meet your needs.

  • What business processes do you have in place and how will these processes be followed using SiteSprout?

  • Who should receive access rights and for which modules?

  • How should your files be organized for easy retrieval?


This step establishes the ground rules for working with SiteSprout.​


Here is where the heavy lifting takes place…

  • Files and other corporate information are uploaded to the appropriate module.

  • User access testing is performed.

  • Business processes are verified.

Final checks are performed and SiteSprout is ready for rollout!


Getting off to a good start with sitesprout is guaranteed when your users participate in SiteSprout training.


Included with every SiteSprout subscription is SiteTrainer, a suite of informational videos and documents that ensure users can find their work areas, upload files, create new files, and interact with other Microsoft Office tools, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Skype for Business.

Click here for more information on SiteTrainer!


SiteSprout is installed and configured by regional resellers. Click here to find one in your region!


SharePoint supports most current versions of popular browsers and several versions of Microsoft Office. Click here for details about current browser support.



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