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As your company grows in size, managing the information related to open positions and the candidates applying for those positions is critical. Resumes for qualified candidates should receive top priority, and hiring managers should have instant access. Moving fast might determine whether YOU hire the candidate or another company does.

The SiteSprout Candidate Management workspace secures candidate information while still providing fast electronic routing, feedback, and approvals.

Use the sitesprout Candidate Management workspace to...


  • Reduce the burden of keeping job descriptions up-to-date

  • Maintain a proprietary database of interested and qualified candidates

  • Make candidate information available to everyone in the recruiting process


  • Track approved job descriptions and collaborate on new ones

  • Post open positions internally

  • Schedule and track interviews

  • Store resumes and categorize them by job match

  • Store company handouts for new prospects

  • Store new-hire forms so they are easy to locate when you make an offer

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