Benefit Management

Self-Serve. Responsive. Compliant.

Empower employees to seek their own answers to benefit questions by providing access to current information or links to providers. Reduce the time it takes for employees to re-enroll in insurance plans by automating enrollment requests. Finally, ensure you are compliant in posting current standards and upcoming changes.

Use the sitesprout Benefit Management workspace to...


  • Speed up and centralize benefit re-enrollment

  • Eliminate employee confusion over benefits and options

  • Decrease duplication costs and "go green"

  • Reduce phone call volume to HR representatives


  • Provide the most current medical benefits descriptions and pricing to employees

  • Provide fund descriptions so employees can evaluate investment options

  • Publish forms for adding or changing benefit options, deductions, or changes in address or family status

  • Manage current benefit plan documents, tracking past, current and future documents, while only publishing those in effect

  • Keep track of contacts and other information from benefit providers

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