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sitesprout was developed by i-Squared, Inc. to help companies quickly implement a well-designed "intranet in a box" using SharePoint.

i-Squared is an Information Technology consulting company specializing in intelligent Enterprise Content Management (ECM). We help clients understand how information, and the ways they manage it, can positively impact their business to meet evolving markets and achieve corporate objectives.


i-Squared, Inc. has attained Gold Partner certification in Collaboration and Content. Microsoft defines Gold-Certified partners as having  “a high level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies as well as have best-in-class capabilities for deploying a particular Microsoft business solution.”

Our principle focus and expertise -- and what drives success -- is not technology, but the CONTENT itself: its quality and viability; how to structure, index, and catalog it; and how to best engage people, processes, and portals in putting it to use.

Along with consultation, i-Squared also helps clients create, develop, and optimize corporate content (such as user manuals, training materials, compliance documents, procedures, etc.), so it can easily be used and re-used to efficiently serve multiple purposes, both within and outside their organizations.



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